Welcome to AliCon 2019!

AliCon is a ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ fan convention held in Adelaide, Australia. Our event aims to put on fun activities for pony fans both young and old by hosting panels with special guest, games, concerts, and much more!

So saddle up, and come down to Saddle-aide (Adelaide, Australia) this August for an unforgettable weekend of pony fun!

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Passes for AliCon 2019 are now availabe!

Registration for 2019 is now open! Last year was fantastic and we'd love to see you join us again for a new year!

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Nicole Oliver at AliCon 2019!

We’re proud to announce that Nicole Oliver will be joining us at AliCon 2019.

Voice of Princess Celestia, Nicole will make her way to Saddle-aide this August to take part in our events including joining in Q&A panels, autograph and photograph sessions, and more!

Click here to find out more about Nicole Oliver!

Nicole Oliver
ACRacebest Imge with OC

ACRacebest in Saddle-aide!

We’re delighted to be having ACRacebest joining us in Saddle-aide this August.

Brony YouTuber and creator of Bronies React, ACRacebest will make their first ever Australian appearance at AliCon 2019, taking part in panels, vlogging, and more!

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Eurobeat Brony’s Australian Debut!

We’re excited to announce that Eurobeat Brony will be making their first ever Australian appearance at AliCon 2019.

Fandom musician, Odyssey will make their way to Saddle-aide to headline our Trot On concert, playing favourite tracks such as Discord, Luna, and more!

Find out more about Eurobeat Brony by clicking here!

Eurobeat Brony Image with Logo