Eurobeat Brony

Musician: Eurobeat Brony

Eurobeat Brony

Photo by TAPS

Eurobeat Brony (aka Odyssey Eurobeat, Ken Blast from the Initial D series, T. Stebbins… the list goes on!) is a producer, vocalist, and performer from the San Francisco Bay Area in California specializing in eurobeat music. In early 2011, Eurobeat Brony produced the first documented fan-music of MLP:FiM, kickstarting nearly a decade of incredible music and inspiration. If you’ve heard the fandom staples “Discord”, “Luna”, “Diamond Dogs”, or “Batty”, you’ve heard him in action! (If you’ve heard the song “When the Sun Goes Down” or “The Top” in Super Eurobeat or the Initial D anime and game series, you’ve heard him there, too!)

Eurobeat’s live performances are in high demand across conventions and clubs alike around the world. With his debut in Australia, come see why his unique blend of live vocals, DJ techniques, and controllerism is not to be missed!

Saturday, 17 August

Pony Beats
3:00pm, Mane Hall

Trot On
8:40pm, Mane Hall

Sunday, 18 August

To the Stage
3:00pm, Mane Hall