Mane Hall

Mane Hall is where AliCon's biggest events take place!

We've got 2 full days of events planned including panels, concerts, improv, and more! With so many great things happening, Mane Hall has something for everypony.

Opening Ceremony - 10:00am, Saturday

Paint to Ponies - 11:00am, Saturday

Cold-Creature, Dawn-Designs-Art, and Embroidered Equations explore the world of pony art. These amazing artists will be discussing different styles and techniques, explaining how they got started, and giving tips to any up and coming artists.

Nicole Oliver Panel - 12:00pm, Saturday

Voice of Princess Celestia, Nicole Oliver will make her Australian debut. Join us as we dive into the world of voice acting and working on ‘My Little Pony’. We’ll discuss what it’s like to work on the show, explore the industry of voice over work, and answer questions from the crowd.

Through the Portal - 1:00pm, Saturday

As long as there have been ponies, there have been humans bringing them into their lives. From cosplay to plushies, crafts to carves, Bronies have been bringing ponies into the real world to the joy of many. Join pony arts creators Dawn Designs Art, Pop Silver Jewellery, and Sombralicious as we discuss the various techniques and processes needed to take the ponies on our screens and bring them into reality.

How to YouTube - 2:00pm, Saturday

ACRacebest and Viva Reverie give their best tips and tricks on how to create great pony videos. With years of experience and millions of views, these 2 successful content creators will explain how they perfected their craft.

Pony Beats - 3:00pm, Saturday

Get to know musicians of Trot On! Eurobeat Brony, Evdog, Faulty, Francis Vace, and L-Train come together to discuss the art of creating pony music before taking to the stage at our concert later that night.

Whooves Line is it Anyway? - 4:00pm, Saturday

It’s time for games, improv, and fun! ACRacebest will host Whooves Line is it Anyway in Mane Hall. Join us for some laughs, crowd involvement, and all around silliness.

Trot On - 6:00pm, Saturday

It’s time for AliCon’s premiere music event! Our Trot On concert will be headlined by Eurobeat Brony, as well as feature sets and performances from great Australian pony musicians. Click here to find out more.

Tails of Wisdom - 10:00am, Sunday

Join TheSlorg and Freglz as they explore the world of pony fanfiction. Get tips on how to improve your writing, learn how these writers started, and dive into what makes or breaks a great story.

TV Shows in Pony Voices - 11:00am, Sunday

Fandom voice actors chippa, Harmony Dancer, and StarryFlame use their talents to reenact different movies and TV shows in the voices of ‘My Little Pony’ characters.

Bronies Got Talent - 12:00pm, Sunday

Bronies Got Talent returns to AliCon 2019! 5 talented performers from the Brony community will take to the stage as they show off their talents to compete to be crowned our 2019 champion.

Bronies React - 1:00pm, Sunday

Reacting to many episodes and movies from across the ‘My Little Pony’ franchise, Bronies React is one of the most loved fan made series in the Brony community. Join series creator ACRacebest as well as Viva Reverie as they dive into the creation, production, and work that goes into making the fan favourite video series.

Dear Princess Celestia - 2:00pm, Sunday

Join Nicole Oliver as she answers fan letters to Princess Celestia!

To the Stage - 3:00pm, Sunday

Eurobeat Brony explores what it is like to perform at conventions. Join us as we discuss what it’s like to take to the stage at different events around the world.

Cosplay Contest - 4:00pm, Sunday

Whether it be pony, Equestria Girl, fursuit, or anything in between, AliCon attendees sure know how to cosplay. Join us as we showcase the best cosplays of the convention.

Auction - 5:00pm, Sunday

Want to grab a rare or unique item? The AliCon Auction is the place to be!

Closing Ceremony 6:00pm, Sunday